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Ads by Hits and Wealth
1. What is the Hits and Wealth Exactly?
Hits and Wealth is a unique profit sharing network that allows you to share profits with a fully featured internet advertising powerhouse without lifting a finger! For each ad shares package that you purchase, you receive a share of ALL our revenue generated from advertising sales, a share of all new partners ad shares package purchases, and you'll receive massive advertising exposure for your own business! Not only do you get all this, as a member of Hits and Wealth, you automatically receive access to our incredibly powerful 3 tiered affiliate program!

2. What exactly is the product that Hits And Wealth sells?
Each ad shares Package you purchase entitles you to 1000 Banner Impressions and 1000 Text Ad Impressions. All members who purchase ad shares packages from us also receive a share of our profits. One profit share position per ad shares package purchased.

3. How much can a member earn from each ad shares Package?
There is no limit or caps on how much you can earn from each ad shares package that you own! You'll receive a percentage of each new ad shares package that get's purchased after yours, you'll also receive an equal share of all future advertising revenue that we receive from our external advertising network. You simply can't lose with Hits and!
4. How much is a ad shares Package and how many can a member own?
Each ad shares Package costs $25 and the maximum that a member can purchase at any one time is 1000. A member can own a maximum of 100,000 ad shares packages per account.
5. Do we accept credit card payments?
Yes, Credit Card payments are accepted through Payza.
6. How can a member earn even more?
You can always purchase more ad shares packages! You can purchase them with profits that are in your account or you can purchase them as new. The more ad shares packages that you possess, the faster and bigger you will earn! Also, you can start promoting and sharing your referral link for a massive residual cash windfall!
7. Can a member have multiple accounts?
Not under their own name. They can sign up for new accounts for family members, even if they are from the same computer and ISP address, but they cannot have multiple accounts under their own name.
8. Can I withdraw my available balance to any other processor then Alertpay?
Unfortunately, no. All withdrawals are processed securely through Alertpay. If you do not have an account with them, please click HERE and open one.
9. I cannot log in to my account. What do I do?
Click Here to go to our 'Forgot Password' page. Enter the email address that you registered with and your details will be resent to you.
10. How much can a member earn from their referrals?
As per the chart below, members earn a certain percentage down 3 levels of unlimited width. Basically this means that all members referred by a member goes into their Level 1. All referrals made by their Level 1 personal referrals go into their Level 2 and on and on.

Level 1 10% $2.50 per ad shares package sold
Level 2 5% $1.25 per ad shares package sold
Level 3 3% $0.75 per ad shares package sold
11. Are payments guaranteed?
As with any business, we do have our slow periods and we can only share revenue if we have revenue to share. However, because of our unique external revenue sharing plan, we do not rely on new ad shares packages being purchased to sustain payments on shares so there will always be profit coming into the program no matter what!
12. What is the difference between a PRO member and a FREE member?
A pro member has purchased ad shares packages. A free member hasn't.

13. Is my personal information protected with your company?
Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
14. Is Hits and Wealth legal?
Of course. We sell a legitimate advertising product for members to use. Our profit sharing element is a bonus and is not a guaranteed secondary element.
15. What businesses/program can be promoted with you?
Anything as long as it is not offensive or against the law.
16. What size banners do you accept?
We only accept the standard web banner size format of: 468x60. More sizes will become available in the future as more and more websites get added to our network!
17. Where do members banner and text ads appear?
As of right now, these are only displayed throughout the Hits and website. Your banners and text ads are shown on all pages. As the Hits and Wealth opportunity progresses all banners and text-ads will be shown through out a large amount of other business opportunity and marketing websites, thereby expanding the maximum exposure of viewers for our members ads!

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